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Bluezone by Middleby UV and UVC Air Purification Solutions

Bluezone® by Middleby offers a patented solution to kill viruses, bacteria, mold, and other contaminants in indoor spaces. Tested and proven by the U.S. Military, it utilizes ultraviolet-enhanced oxidation technology to purify air instead of capturing and concentrating airborne contaminants in a particle filter or activated carbon. Applications include indoor dining and food preservation in walk-in refrigerators or coolers.

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Reduction of MS2
(SARS-CoV-2 Surrogate)

Viral Kill Models
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Reduction of
Mold and Bacteria

Food Preservation Models
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Safe for use in commercial spaces
24 hrs/day

Viral Kill and Food Preservation Models
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More Edible Strawberries
After 10 Days

Food Preservation Models
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Diagram showing how far aerosols travel when a person coughs or sneezes

Large and small spaces need Bluezone by Middleby

Viruses are spread by droplets and aerosols that come from coughing, sneezing, talking, and breathing.


Small infectious aerosols can follow indoor air currents, and can spread far from the source. This has forced restaurants to implement limited and/or outdoor dining.


Bluezone by Middleby was created to bring diners back inside, by destroying 99.9995% of airborne infectious aerosols in occupied spaces.

Bluezone by Middleby UV Food Preservation

Bluezone’s Food Preservation products are like no other air purification products available on the market. Initially designed for the United States Army, this Bluezone Food Preservation Technology is also used commercially to extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables in transport containers, cold storage rooms, walk-in refrigerators, reach-in refrigerators and general food storage areas along the global food supply chain of storage, distribution, transport, and retail sale. In this application, Bluezone technology removes the decay-producing chemical and microbial agents from the air without introducing any chemicals or gases to the fresh fruits and vegetables storage space.


Bluezone by Middleby keeps your food fresher longer!

Apple cut in half showing one side fresh and the other oxidized
TechnologyCons vs. Bluezone by Middleby


Hydroxyl Radicals, Bipolar Ionization,
Corona Discharge, Needlepoint Ionization, and Other Ion Air Cleaners
ASHRAE Statement: “Convincing scientifically-rigorous, peer-reviewed studies do not currently exist on this emerging technology; manufacturer data should be carefully considered.” Source:

Particle Filters

HEPA filters
Capturing particles rather than inactivating them. High efficiency filters in HVAC system can actually decrease ventilation rates. Difficult to replace filters without reintroducing particles back into the environment. MERV 13 filters (recommended by ASHRAE) capture only <50% of particles 0.1 – 0.5 micron.

Overhead Ultraviolet
Germicidal Irradiation

Eye and skin damage risk of being in direct line-of-sight of UV. Relies on natural convection to pass air over lights; air cleaning rates are not defined.


Super Oxides, Reactive Oxygen,
Plasma Generators and Some Ionizers
Cannot be used in occupied spaces because ozone is a health hazard.

UV Lamps in HVAC Ducts

Not continuously killing because HVAC is not continuously running. When HVAC is running there’s not enough residence time around the UV lights to be fully effective.

Bluezone by Middleby is Safe, Effective, and Proven.

When compared against Bluezone by Middleby other air cleaning technologies simply can’t achieve our level of safety and performance.