UV-C Air Purification System

Bluezone® by Middleby makes indoor spaces safe again with patented, ultraviolet air cleaning technology that kills up to 99.9995% of viruses in the air, including the flu, cold and SARSCoV- 2 (corona-virus). Air is pulled into a chamber, is scrubbed of contaminants, and disinfected air is returned to the space. Bluezone has received clearance as a Class II medical device by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

Safe to Operate 24/7 in Occupied Spaces

Our cutting-edge air purification technology uses ultraviolet light to purify the air in the room. Operators can eliminate more than 99 percent of viruses, bacteria, mold, and other contaminants, making the space safer and providing peace of mind for guests and the staff who serves them.

UV Food Preservation System

Bluezone Model 2400 is designed to keep refrigeration environments free of damaging contaminants and extend the shelf life of produce using UV technology. Ultraviolet light destroys contaminants such as ethylene, mold, bacteria and odors. Eliminates 99.9% of mold and bacteria as well as ethylene gas in walk-in refrigerators to extend shelf life and reduce waste.

Kills Bacteria, Mold and Decay Producing Agents

By removing ethylene fruits and vegetables maintain their color, texture, and taste. Without Bluezone technology in place, extended storage of mixed loads of fruits and vegetables can lead to excessive ripening, russet spotting, bitterness, softness, rotting, or toughening of the produce.

Jon Taffer’s Bar Rescue

Bluezone viral kill units installed for safety of employees and guests.

Ready-To-Go Tower

Plug & Play Installation for Model 450

Portfolio of Featured Installations

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