One of the biggest challenges to air purification systems can be hiding them in your restaurant or business so they look better than a shiny, silver box. With Bluezone by Middleby, the new Ready-To-Go Towers provide an easy solution.

As we all know over the past two years, effective air cleaning can be a critical component to keeping a restaurant open and having to close it down, and even when the current pandemic becomes fully endemic, the need for air purification will continue. Virus mitigation will continue, and it won’t just be in restaurants. It will be in offices, schools, senior care communities, daycare centers, and more. Making it easy for these operations to simply plug a unit into the wall and experience clean air is exactly what Bluezone accomplished with their new towers for the Model 450 air purification system. The plug & play Ready-To-Go tower is available in black and white: (

How does Bluezone work?

Using a combination of self-contained ultraviolet light and room temperature oxidation, Bluezone UV-C air purifiers kill 99.9995% of all viruses and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that can negatively impact the air quality in any given space. This patented technology is seen as superior to other types of air purification systems that might require constant filter changes or can only be run in vacant rooms. With Bluezone, units can be run 24 hours a day regardless of whether or not the room is occupied.

Bluezone is seen as superior technology and is recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as the FDA, the EPA, and even the Israeli government, a global leader in the early days of the Covid pandemic. The only required maintenance is the need to change the UV lightbulb within the unit after 8,800 hours of use (1 year). You don’t need to keep the clock running, though. Smart controls alert operators when changes are needed.