After relaxed precautions and the rise of the more easily transmissible Omicron sub-variant, the COVID-19 pandemic has entered a new phase of challenges. In response, the Biden Administration has publicly recognized the importance of raising indoor air quality by launching the Clean Air in Buildings Challenge as a call to action for building owners, their operators, and leaders to conduct assessments of, and make improvements to, the air quality inside public buildings.

According to the New York Times, the scientific community originally suggested that COVID-19 spread through moisture droplets that are expelled when people cough or sneeze, as they do when someone has the flu. However, it has now publicly recognized the increasing evidence suggesting that the virus can exist as an airborne phenomenon that spreads in tiny particles found in the air within indoor spaces. Therefore, adherence to air purification regulations can be greatly beneficial to safety within buildings.

Achieving Cleaner Air in Buildings

The White House notes that as the Coronavirus pandemic moves into a dangerous new phase, the American Pandemic Preparedness Plan identifies improved air quality as a vital tool in the battle against the spread of airborne diseases. The information contained in the American Pandemic Preparedness Plan was prioritized by the National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan and was made a prime concern for its intention to battle the virus. As part of the plan, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) released a guide for those in direct authority over building operations to follow to make improvements in the quality of indoor air. Therein, UV light-based air purification systems are recommended.

Now Entering the Bluezone

Air purification systems are a great way to create safer spaces that speak to the Biden Administration’s call to action, and Bluezone by Middleby is viewed as one of the most effective air purification systems on the planet. Each Bluezone Air Purification System helps create actual Bluezone areas that provide safety from harmful pathogens in schools, restaurants, and other public buildings, increasing working conditions for all.

The UV-C bulbs that they contain kill most viruses in the air, treat up to 9,000 cubic feet at a time and offer rapid air circulation that kills viruses continuously, even in occupied spaces. Bluezone Air Purification systems kill such airborne viruses like the coronavirus and the flu with up to 99.9995 percent effectiveness to protect employees, guests, staff, visitors, and anyone who enters the “bluezone.”

Bluezone Air Purification Systems have a high-capacity technology that has been cleared as a Class II medical device by the EPA and uses germicidal UV-C methodology to kill bacteria and viruses safely and easily without the use of chemicals. The devices are often the preferred method of air purification by hospitals.

Bluezone UV-C Air Purifcation

One of the strongest statements that leaders can make about protecting their employees and being committed to their safety is with the Bluezone UV-C Air Purification System. Bluezone units have an illuminated display for assurance that the unit is operating, giving the occupants of the room the confidence that comes with knowing the air is pure and clean. There are many attractive installation options that enable it to fit into a space in a discreet and stylish way to deliver the protection that is needed to keep an entire building population safe. Other air purification systems are unable to achieve the same level of performance and safety as Bluezone by Middleby. Bluezone technology helps provide a relaxed environment and cleaner air for greater peace of mind.