Bluezone pulls air through the intake side and into the reaction chamber where it eliminates contaminants, and then exhausts purified, clean air back to your indoor space. Airborne contaminants such as virus, bacteria and mold are killed via exposure to the self‐contained germicidal UV‐C light. The circulation and cleaning of air through the unit provides continuous inactivation of microbial load in the space and associated reduction in risk of its transmission.

Just ask any parent. More than going on vacation, more than finding a restaurant with safer air, more than pretty much anything — the top COVID-19 objective so many want to see K-12 schools reopen to in-person learning. The incoming Biden Administration knows this, as well, and according to details in the new coronavirus rescue proposal, there will be a large emphasis — and a significant amount of money — dedicated to achieving these goals.

Creating a safer dining environment will continue to be one of the most important foodservice objectives throughout 2021. Even though some regions of the country are facing indoor dining restrictions, dining rooms will eventually reopen. Making them safe will be critical for customer confidence — even as vaccines begin to take hold — and it’s important to understand why.