The last 18 months have made it clear the risks of contracting Covid-19 are much higher when people are contained in close, confined spaces without the benefits of ventilation. For this reason, “social distancing” became part of our everyday vernacular, and outdoor gatherings are now the norm.

Facilities like restaurants, hotels, schools, office buildings, and even religious centers can take steps to ensure safer conditions, though. With the right air purification system, it’s possible to destroy up to 99.9995 percent of viruses contained in the air.

Israeli Government Takes Steps to Ensure Safety with Air Purification Systems

Since the very beginning of the Covid pandemic, the nation of Israel was at the forefront of safety and mitigation measures. From early vaccine adoption to public safety measures, the Israeli Ministry of Health analyzed and reported on best practices to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

In August of 2020, they published a report recommending air circulation, as well as technological solutions like ultra-violet light, to help reduce viral transfer from person to person. Earlier this year, a new committee dedicated solely to vetting air purification systems was created, and they reviewed 27 different air treatment products as part of their research. Solutions that emit byproducts into the air were not considered, and all ultraviolet solutions were required to meet American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standards, which are known to be conservative in nature.

The Israeli Ministry of Health also considered a final requirement, one related to the rate of respiration in a given room. Solutions needed to meet a minimum standard of 350 m3/h intake in order to be considered.

Bluezone by Middleby Meets Israeli Air Purification Standards

Of the 27 air purification systems studied by the Israeli Ministry of Health’s committee, only four met standards as an effective solution against the coronavirus. Bluezone by Middleby is one of those solutions.

The patented UVC technology employed by Bluezone kills of up 99.9995 percent of viruses, including those that cause Covid-19. Units can run inside occupied spaces, require minimal upkeep, and do not emit byproducts into the air.

Learn more about Bluezone by Middleby today, and discover how this solution can help your operation in the same ways it’s being used across the nation of Israel.