Bluezone Helps with the Reopening of Room 623 Jazz Club in NYC

Harlem and music go together like peanut butter and jelly, though most jazz clubs in this distinct Manhattan neighborhood are known to close on the earlier side. Back in 2019, there was a clear market for a late-night jazz venue, and a new jazz space called Room 623 was opened as a speakeasy space for intimate performances. It’s become one of the top jazz destinations in the neighborhood because sets begin at 10 p.m. and will often run later than 1 a.m.

Unfortunately, 2020 was not a good year for bars, restaurants, or event venues. Since Room 623 was all three, it lost all its momentum practically overnight due to the Covid pandemic. For a fledgling business, such a blow could spell doom for what was a promising spot. Thankfully, technology came along to make Room 623 safe for guests so that it could reopen and start the music (and drinks) flowing again.

What’s the secret? Bluezone by Middleby. This one device can scrub the air of pathogens like Covid-19 and help prevent illnesses from spreading in enclosed spaces. Let’s find out how Bluezone helped Room 623 get back on track.

Re-Opening With Ease

Room 623’s intimate space is both an asset and a liability when it comes to something like Covid-19. On the one hand, it’s easier for pathogens to spread between people, especially when the place is packed. On the other hand, with something like Bluezone running 24/7, it’s easier to clean the entire venue in less time. 

So, Room 623 installed one filtration system in the common area and another in the restrooms. This way, guests can be safe no matter where they are. Partnered with other safety protocols (like vaccination confirmation and masking), Room 623 was able to reopen without any issues. Even now that the pandemic is winding down, the venue can still protect its patrons from other airborne pathogens like the flu or common cold. 

Best of all, Bluezone uses technology recommended by the FDA and CDC, so customers can feel safe and confident during their visit. 

How Bluezone Can Help Other Establishments

With Room 623’s success, many other restaurants and businesses can take advantage of the technology. While a Bluezone air purifier isn’t a “magic bullet,” it does help reduce the number of airborne particles significantly. Here are some frequently asked questions people have about this system:

How Much Space Can a Single Bluezone Clean? 

One 450 series treats up to 9,000 cubic feet.

How Ofter Do You Change The Bulbs? 

Bulbs need replacing after 8,800 hours, or usually once a year. 

What Is a Bluezone?

Our product is called Bluezone by Middleby, but we also think of the safe spaces created by our units as Bluezones. When you create a Bluezone, whether it’s an office building or a late-night jazz club, patrons can feel safe because 99.9995 percent of airborne pathogens are mitigated. In addition, units can safely run in occupied rooms, which means air is constantly scrubbed of harmful viruses.

Discover how to create your own Bluezone today.

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