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People need to exercise regularly, and now that so many people are returning to the gym, it’s critical for gyms and exercise facilities to make sure they provide their employees and patrons with a source of clean air. As we’ve learned over the past several years, many harmful viruses spread via aerosol droplets in the [...]
The cold weather months are here, which means more time indoors, and endemic winter illnesses like seasonal influenza are spreading. That’s especially true in schools, where children are highly prone to spread viral infections to each other and their teachers. Improving the air quality of classrooms can help with preventing viruses in K-12 schools and keep everyone [...]
Indoor air quality is more important today than it has ever been in the past. Especially since climate change and pollution have an impact on indoor air. Recently, a White House Summit on improving indoor air quality was held. The summit provided attendees with information that can make a dramatic difference in the cleanliness of [...]
Early in March 2020, the world changed forever when the novel coronavirus forced everyone to change how they lived. That included workplaces. Employees started working from their dining and living rooms and discovered they could be just as effective as working in an office. As the country continues to evolve with Covid-19 going from pandemic [...]
Today, the restaurant industry is more competitive than ever. That’s why it’s critical for restaurants to offer not only delicious food but also a positive dining experience. Now, thanks to Bluezone technology, restaurants can provide an elevated dining experience that maximizes air quality while allowing restaurant staff to turn around orders as quickly as possible. [...]
Here at Bluezone by Middleby, we’ve created the formula for safe air, but that formula largely depends on the size and configuration of the space in question. To maximize air purification efforts as efficiently and economically as possible, it’s essential to calculate the room’s dimensions in relation to the unit’s output capacity. Before considering these [...]
The City of Newberg, Oregon set out to “cultivate a healthy, safe environment where citizens can work, play and grow in a friendly, dynamic and diverse community valuing partnerships and opportunity.” Newberg experienced challenges as Covid-19 emerged, and they realized they needed to take steps to achieve their vision for the community. How? They turned [...]
Since 2020, air quality and safety have become a massive priority for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Fortunately, we’re at a point where technology can help scrub the air and remove pathogens and other harmful particles. Bluezone from Middleby is one of the top purification systems available that can be deployed virtually anywhere and [...]
Keeping Schools Clean From Viruses With their busy environments and mix of ages of those inside the buildings, schools can be dangerous breeding grounds for viruses, such as COVID-19. Daily activities, such as eating, talking, exercising, singing, or speaking can release virus-containing aerosols into the air. Finding affordable, safe, and logical solutions to this problem can [...]
Bluezone Helps with the Reopening of Room 623 Jazz Club in NYC Harlem and music go together like peanut butter and jelly, though most jazz clubs in this distinct Manhattan neighborhood are known to close on the earlier side. Back in 2019, there was a clear market for a late-night jazz venue, and a new [...]