Since 2020, air quality and safety have become a massive priority for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Fortunately, we’re at a point where technology can help scrub the air and remove pathogens and other harmful particles. Bluezone from Middleby is one of the top purification systems available that can be deployed virtually anywhere and deliver exceptional results.

But don’t take our word for it. Bluezone has already been implemented in various locations, and those places are singing its praises. So, we thought we’d take a moment to recognize what they’re saying.

What is Bluezone?

Bluezone from Middleby is an air purification system that uses UV-C lights to kill bacteria and airborne viruses like COVID-19. The device pulls air from the surrounding area and kills harmful viruses by destroying its RNA. This process is so effective that Bluezone now has FDA clearance as a Class II Medical Device.

The science behind Bluezone is sound, but how well does it work in the real world? Let’s check in with some clients to see what they’re saying.

 State of Israel Ministry of Health

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Israel has been at the forefront of developing solutions to combat the virus and its effects. The Israeli government soon realized that air purification systems could act as the first line of defense against COVID and other pathogens. The state Ministry of Health tested 27 different methods, and only four matched their strict criteria. Bluezone was one of the top contenders because it circulates enough air for crowded spaces (350 m3/h) and doesn’t produce byproducts.

Bar Rescue

The show Bar Rescue takes struggling establishments and gives them an overhaul so they can be successful. Season eight of the show happened during the pandemic, so it focused on rebuilding bars with safety measures in mind. Throughout the season, the Bar Rescue team installed various Bluezone units in different locations as a way for customers to return safely without disrupting service too much. These installations highlight how effective Bluezone is for bars, restaurants, and other public establishments to use technology to reopen safely.

Aerosol Research and Engineering Laboratories

This scientific research group studies aerosol science, including air purification systems like Bluezone. Their goal is to test the efficacy of these systems to see how well they would do in real-world scenarios. Aerosol tested the Bluezone Model 450 and proved it had a net reduction rate of 99.9995 percent. The lab concluded that the device would be highly effective at preventing or reducing the spread of airborne infections.

The Culinary Institute of America

The CIA is a culinary school with campuses across the country, helping aspiring chefs and cooks realize their dream of opening their own restaurants. Because these campuses host students and faculty, they can be vectors for disease transmission. After doing a little research, the Culinary Institute decided to install Bluezone purifiers in all theaters and conference spaces to help keep everyone safe and healthy.

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