People need to exercise regularly, and now that so many people are returning to the gym, it’s critical for gyms and exercise facilities to make sure they provide their employees and patrons with a source of clean air.

As we’ve learned over the past several years, many harmful viruses spread via aerosol droplets in the air. Through breathing, infections can spread quickly, and when breathing is accelerated in places like gyms and workout facilities, those viruses can spread even faster and further.

What We Know About Gym Air

When people set foot in a gym, they usually feel the air quality is immediately different. Gyms tend to keep their facilities at a cooler temperature to keep people comfortable, but it also impacts the humidity in the air. When it is combined with the rate at which people sweat and exhale, it is easy to see why there is such a significant impact on air quality in gyms.

When someone exercises, their respiratory rate increases to approximately 40 to 60 times per minute, meaning they can exhale as many as 100 liters of air while exercising. This is a sign that people are working harder, but it also means that people could be exhaling viral particles that they do not even know that they have. This is one of the biggest sources of indoor air pollution in the gym, and gyms must have a solution to address the issue.

Vigorous exercise is an integral part of going to the gym, and by providing patrons with a source of clean air, gyms and patrons will have an easier time pushing themselves to get more out of each workout. 

Exhaled Particles Hang In The Air

During the coronavirus pandemic, much research has been done on spreading viral particles through the air. Research has shown that viral particles can hang in the air for a longer amount of time. They do not necessarily drop to the floor immediately. Furthermore, because gyms try to circulate the air to keep people cool, they may unintentionally circulate viral particles as well. This could increase the chances of someone getting sick at the gym. 

Gym owners and managers need to invest in an advanced air purification system. By stripping these viral particles out of the air or killing them where they are located, it is possible to reduce the spread of viruses and other types of pathogens in the gym. There are also resources available that can help gym owners accomplish this task, including those provided by Bluezone

How to Get Clean Air in Your Gym

There are multiple ways for gym owners to ensure they provide their patrons with clean air, and one of the best ways to do so is to use Bluezone technology, which is FDA-approved. This is a novel air purification system that uses ultraviolet light to kill viral particles in the air, purifying the air in the process. That way, everyone in the gym has a reliable source of clean air, thanks to a system that can clean the air while minimizing possible side effects.

Gym owners must ensure they have enough Bluezone systems to purify their facilities. Every facility is a bit different, and there is a convenient calculator that can help owners and managers figure out exactly how many units they need. By investing in a strong air purification system, it is possible to keep everyone happy and healthy.

How many Bluezones do you need?