The CIA is one of the most important organizations in the world, and we created a Bluezone there. We’re not talking about spies or intelligence gathering, though, we’re talking about the Culinary Institute of America’s Copia campus ( in the heart of Napa Valley, California.

One could easily make the argument that the CIA’s Copia facility is one of the most important foodservice locations in the entire nation. From training generation after generation of the best culinary minds to developing leaders in the restaurant industry, many alumni have gone on to great success promoting Healthy Kitchens & Healthy Lives (

One of the things students at the CIA learn is the importance of food safety and the overall sanitation of an operation. This is something that has certainly come to the forefront over the last two years. The CIA Copia responded by creating Bluezones within their building.

What is a Bluezone?

A Bluezone is a space where air purification levels are as high as they possibly can be thanks to patented ultraviolet light technology that kills up to 99.9995% of airborne viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants. Bluezone by Middleby units are available in both ceiling-mounted options, as well as towers that can simply be plugged into an outlet in the wall.

At the CIA Copia, Bluezone units were installed to support the safety of both guests, staff, teachers, and students, further emphasizing the facility’s focus on healthy kitchens and healthy lives. Units were installed in the dining room, in the auditorium, and in the training areas, along with other strategic locations throughout the Copia building.