Today, the restaurant industry is more competitive than ever. That’s why it’s critical for restaurants to offer not only delicious food but also a positive dining experience. Now, thanks to Bluezone technology, restaurants can provide an elevated dining experience that maximizes air quality while allowing restaurant staff to turn around orders as quickly as possible.

One restaurant that perfectly exemplifies this capability is Taffer’s Taverns. 

“Bar Rescue” Host Jon Taffer Opens Taffer’s Tavern

Taffer’s Tavern is known for its traditional, old-style service that comes complete with soft leather and copper accents. Now, the popular tavern chain from Jon Taffer, the host of Bar Rescue, has celebrated a ribbon-cutting for two new locations in Boston and Washington, D.C. The original location opened in Alpharetta, Georgia, which is just outside of Atlanta. The second location was opened in FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland, the home of the Washington Commanders football team.

Taffer’s Taverns has been a significant success in so many locations, but one of the biggest reasons is the completely ventless kitchen. The tavern is known for providing elevated tavern food with a few surprises, but with innovative cooking technologies, they can improve the consistency, flavor, and quality of every dish. A ventless kitchen allows them to fit more equipment in a smaller area while maximizing the air quality in the restaurant on behalf of patrons and restaurant staff. This commitment that sets the restaurant apart from others in the industry. 

Taffer’s Safe Dining System

As the host of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer has demonstrated that he is always one step ahead of the other restaurants in the industry. Thanks to his innovative safe dining system, he builds transparency and trust among his patrons, showing that he is committed to the highest safety standards in foodservice.

He kept all relevant rules, regulations, and safety standards in mind when he built Taffer’s Tavern. As a result, his restaurants are among the safest in the industry, which also contributes to the consistency and flavor of his food. The preparation, ingredient selection, plating, cooking, and service have all been specifically designed to minimize potential contamination with viruses, bacteria, or other pathogens.

With his system, which takes advantage of Bluezone technology, he delivers consistent, delicious, quality meals to all of his customers. As a result, Taffer’s Tavern is widely seen as a shining example throughout the restaurant industry, creating a model that numerous other restaurants can follow in the current environment. 

Why Bluezone?

Even though it’s true that restaurant staff need to wear masks and wash their hands where and when appropriate, there are other steps restaurants can take to ensure their patrons and staff members are safe. That is exactly what happens with Bluezone air purification in restaurants.

With Bluezone by Middleby, restaurant owners and staff members have access to novel air purification technology that uses ultraviolet radiation to destroy potential contaminants that would otherwise impact the quality of the food. Using UV rays, it is possible to kill odors, mold, viruses, and bacteria that could otherwise make people sick.

Instead of relying on mechanical filtration, Bluezone air purification in restaurants uses cutting-edge technology to maximize flow rates, killing more than 99.9 percent of all pathogens. This technology is on perfect display with Taffer’s Taverns, showing that it is possible for restaurant owners to go the extra mile, maximizing the safety of their food while improving the quality of the dining experience for patrons. Restaurants that invest in this type of technology can stay one step ahead of their competitors. 

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