The City of Newberg, Oregon set out to “cultivate a healthy, safe environment where citizens can work, play and grow in a friendly, dynamic and diverse community valuing partnerships and opportunity.” Newberg experienced challenges as Covid-19 emerged, and they realized they needed to take steps to achieve their vision for the community.

How? They turned to Bluezone.

Bluezone by Middleby is an air purification system that kills up to 99.9995 percent of all airborne contaminants including viruses that cause the flu, the common cold, and the coronavirus, the cause of the Covid-19 pandemic. As listed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Covid-19 is transmitted via aerosols and tiny water droplets in the air, which is exactly what Bluezone’s state-of-the-art technology prevents from happening.

This is why Newberg turned to Bluezone, receiving unanimous approval from the Newberg City Council and the Budget Committee. The reason for the city’s mass support can be attributed, in part, to Bluezone’s clearance by the Food and Drug Administration to be used as a 510(k) Class II Medical device, as well as testing documentation that proved Bluezone’s ability to reduce airborne viral loads. 

How Bluezone Air Purification Works 

Three types of ultraviolet light rays exist, including UVA, UVB, and UVC. The UVC lights operate as a disinfectant in air purification systems. Bluezone by Middleby makes indoor spaces safe again with its patented air cleaning technology that employs this UVC air purification technology that eliminates more than 99.9995 percent of bacteria, viruses, mold, and other types of contaminants.  

The UVC germicidal lamps of Bluezone by Middleby pull air into a chamber. Once inside the chamber, the technology works to scrub the air with the benefit of UVC ultraviolet light. It kills viruses and other contaminants by destroying its RNA, prohibiting viruses from being able to reproduce. Disinfected air is returned as safe, clean air — otherwise known as “Bluezones” — to workspaces, common areas, and bathrooms in places like the City of Newberg’s emergency dispatch center.

“There has been a marked decrease in our staff being absent due to illness,” said Russ Thomas, Director of Public Works for the City of Newberg. “Plus, staff members that have been exposed to a coworker who tested positive for Covid did not become infected.”

According to Thomas, this is a direct result of using Bluezone.

Benefits of Bluezone by Middleby 

Bluezone does more than clean the air. The City of Newberg demonstrated that by creating purified air, fewer employees were out sick, with Covid or other illnesses. Staff morale improved, and so did feedback from the community that saw multiple departments demonstrate a commitment to the well-being of both workers and citizens.

Newberg isn’t the only organization that favors Bluezone, though. Multiple endorsements for Bluezone by Middleby prove this air purification technology works across various settings. Bluezone was one of the top contenders chosen by Israel’s Ministry of Health after testing more than two dozen models. The Culinary Institute of America installed Bluezone by Middleby purifiers in its conference spaces and theaters. The show Bar Rescue installed Bluezone units, providing technology that allowed customers to return to various locations safely. And for the City of Newberg, it represented an opportunity to protect the community by killing up to 99.9995 percent of viruses. 

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