While Jon Taffer is the obvious star of the popular television show Bar Rescue, we’d like to nominate someone for a Best Supporting award.

Well, not someone, something. In Season 8, which concluded last fall, our Bluezone technology was part of every one of Taffer’s rescues and received attention front and center during the big “reveal” at the end of each episode.

As restaurants battle to stay alive during the COVID-19 crisis amid some pretty long odds, there has been an increased focus on enhanced health and safety of customers. While many states and municipalities have enacted protocols that include masking and verification of vaccination for entrance into a restaurant, eventually the masks come off as people begin enjoying food, drink, and family and friends in close quarters.

That’s why our Bluezone technology was such a critical piece of Taffer’s renovations. No doubt, restaurants have high safety standards when it comes to cooking and handling food, and the cleanliness of glasses, plates, and pots and pans, but now that standard extends to the air the customers breathe, too.

While Taffer once referred to the Bluezone as an “air scrubbing system”, let’s get a little more technical.

Bluezone® by Middleby offers a patented solution to kill viruses, bacteria, mold, and other contaminants in indoor spaces. Tested and proven by the U.S. Military, it utilizes ultraviolet-enhanced oxidation technology to purify air instead of capturing and concentrating airborne contaminants in a particle filter or activated carbon. 

Viruses are spread by droplets and aerosols that come from coughing, sneezing, talking, and breathing.

Small infectious aerosols can follow indoor air currents and can spread far from the source. At the beginning of the pandemic, this led many restaurants and bars to implement outside-only dining. In warm-weather locales, that helped, but it didn’t do much for restaurants in Chicago in January.

There had to be a solution, so we made one. Bluezone by Middleby was created to bring diners back inside, by destroying 99.9995% of airborne infectious aerosols in occupied spaces.

Not only that, but Bluezone Food Preservation Technology is also used commercially to extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables in transport containers, cold storage rooms, walk-in refrigerators, reach-in refrigerators, and general food storage areas along the global food supply chain of storage, distribution, transport, and retail sale. In this application, Bluezone technology removes the decay-producing chemical and microbial agents from the air without introducing any chemicals or gases to the fresh fruit and vegetable storage space.

Bluezone was initially designed for military operations and passed that difficult test with flying colors. If it can handle the demands of the military, what do you think Bluezone can do for you?

Bluezone takes care of what matters most: your customers, employees, and food. Want to learn more about how Bluezone can work for you? Go to www.bluezone.com.