How does a Bluezone air cleaner work?

Bluezone pulls air through the intake side and into the reaction chamber where it eliminates

contaminants, and then exhausts purified, clean air back to your indoor space. Airborne

contaminants such as virus, bacteria and mold are killed via exposure to the self‐contained

germicidal UV‐C light. The circulation and cleaning of air through the unit provides continuous

inactivation of microbial load in the space and associated reduction in risk of its transmission.

Infographic explaining how Bluezone UV-C air purification works

Is there a difference between the Fresh Preservation models and the Viral Kill Models?

Yes. The Viral Kill Model 450 uses UV‐C light to kill microbes and a catalyst to reduce odors and other gaseous contaminants. There is no ozone in the Viral Kill products. The Fresh Preservation products, Model 2400 and the Model 300, use UV bulbs that generate two different types of UV light: germicidal to inactivate microbes and ozone‐generating to eliminate ethylene and other gases. A catalyst removes all the ozone before exhausting clean air back into the storage facility. Removal of ethylene with the self‐contained ozone is critical to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. The ozone also helps eliminate odors via an oxidation process.

Does Bluezone introduce any plasma or gases into the space?

No, unlike plasma generators, ozone generators, ROC generators, or ion generators, the Bluezone does not INJECT harmful contaminants into the space. In fact, the catalyst in all Bluezone models REMOVES harmful ozone from the ambient air.

What aspects of coronavirus transmission will the Bluezone reduce?

The CDC recognizes the effectiveness of UV germicidal light in killing the coronavirus as well as molds and bacteria. This means air purification systems like Bluezone could be funded through federal relief measures.

What aspects of coronavirus transmission will the Bluezone reduce?

Bluezone cleans the air of viral aerosols that remain in the air after someone who is infected with the virus breathes, speaks, coughs or sneezes in the room.

How well does Bluezone treat the virus that causes COVID?

Tests conducted by third party virus test lab demonstrated that Bluezone eliminated 99.9995% of the virus broadly used as the surrogate for the SARS‐Cov‐2 coronavirus.

What does “kill” mean with respect to a virus, bacteria or mold?

Microbes and virus contain molecules called DNA or RNA that are broken down by the UV light. After exposure in the Bluezone, these microbes and virus are totally inactivated, meaning they cannot reproduce. They become inert and cannot cause harm. The use of UV light to stop the spread of viruses, bacteria or molds is well established by science and is recommended by public health experts.

Why should I choose Bluezone over cheaper options like ionizers, hydroxyl radical devices or HEPA filters?

UV‐C light for microbial decontamination is both scientifically proven and CDC and FDA recommended. UV‐C light is a tried‐and‐true technology for virus mitigation as well as mold and bacteria elimination. Other technologies such as ionizers, hydrogen peroxide generators, hydroxyl radical generators and ROS generators on the market have yet to be proven in a real‐ world application. Electronic air cleaners, including Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) generators, have not been shown to be effective at treating airborne contaminants in typical indoor settings. Products that employ ionization technologies, termed ionizers can be used to augment mechanical filtration and as stand‐alone air cleaning devices. In brief, the available evidence for effectiveness of ionization in actual occupied spaces is sparse and generally weak.
For a complete competitive analysis please see the Bluezone Model 450 Competitive Analysis. For a technical deep dive into ionizers and reactive oxygen devices (hydroxyl radical air purifiers) please see EH&E’s “Summary of Air Cleaning by Ionization for SARS‐CoV‐2 Control” and “Summary of Air Cleaning by Reactive Oxygen Species for SARS‐CoV‐2 Control”.

How do I know Bluezone will work?

UVC or ‘germicidal’ lamps have been used for decades in healthcare and other settings to kill bacteria (e.g., tuberculosis), or viruses in air (inside light‐tight air ducts), and for sterilization of drinking water. UVC radiation has been shown to inactivate the SARS‐Coronavirus.
Bluezone Model 450 has been tested at a third‐party virus testing lab demonstrating that Bluezone eliminated 99.9995% of the virus broadly used as the surrogate for the SARS‐Cov‐2 coronavirus.
Bluezone Products, Inc. the company that developed and manufactures the Model 450 has had extensive studies conducted by engineering and public health companies to define the right number of Bluezone units needed to reduce risk in various indoor settings. Following the guidelines provided for the number of units needed in restaurants is expected to provide a level of risk reduction that is the same as having customers wear cloth masks.

How do I know the Bluezone is working?

When the display is green, the Bluezone is working.

Are there any replacement parts?

Yes, Bluezone requires an annual bulb replacement after 8,800 hours of operation. The display screen confirms duration of bulb operation. At two months before the necessary bulb changeout point, 7,200 hours of operation, the green display screen changes to yellow and displays “Order New Bulbs”. The display screen turns red and shuts down at 8,800 hours of operation. When new bulbs are installed and the bulb reset counter is pressed, the counter is reset to zero and the green display returns. For the complete bulb installation procedure please refer to the Bluezone Operation and Installation Manual.

Is it easy to replace the bulbs?

Yes, the bulb change takes ~20 minutes total. For complete installation guidelines please refer to the Bluezone Operation and Installation Manual.

Can I buy my own UV or ozone replacement bulbs?

No. Bluezone products use proprietary UV bulbs and ozone bulbs. All bulbs must be purchased directly from Middleby or an authorized reseller.

How much power does one Bluezone draw?

Power draw is ~350 watts for the Model 450, ~250 Watts for the Model 2400 and ~170 Watts for the Model 300.

Is there a required electrical connection?

Model 450 units are currently going through UL certification for 120 VAC and CE marked for use outside the US at 240 VAC. Units that require 240 VAC need to be requested upon order.

Model 2400 and Model 300 units are UL certified to 120 VAC. Both units will be CE marked for use outside the US at 240 VAC.

What is the electrical connection?

IEC 320‐C13 120 VAC power cord. 6’ cord is shipped with every Bluezone.

Can I plug Bluezone into a 240V outlet?

The Bluezone Model 450‐052 operates on ONLY 120V. A 240V unit is designated Model 450‐ 055 and must be requested upon order.

The standard Bluezone Model 2400 and Model 300 can be used on either 120V or 240V.

How do I know the required input voltage of my Bluezone?

The asset tag on the front cover of every Bluezone lists the required voltage.

What is the weight of one Bluezone?

Model 450 –25 lbs
Model 2400 – 25 lbs
Model 300 – 14 lbs

How will I know Bluezone is operating correctly?

Bluezone is equipped with an electronic display screen that confirms operation. A green screen confirms the unit is operating without fault. A yellow or red screen indicates a fault is detected and a message defining the fault is displayed. Please refer to the Bluezone Operation and Installation Manual for the complete fault conditions and fault codes.

Can Bluezone be cleaned with water?

Never hose down or clean with a water jet. Direct flow of water onto the Bluezone will completely damage the unit. The exterior of the Bluezone can be cleaned by wiping down with a damp cloth.

Where should I install my Bluezones?

Bluezone Model 450 can be installed in a ceiling mount kit, into custom cabinetry, or used as a stand‐alone unit. Bluezone Model 2400 and 300 can be hung from the ceiling, mounted to the wall, or placed on a cart or shelf.
Bluezone installation is quick and easy and will not disturb your current operation. Please refer to the Operation and Installation Manual for installation guidelines. Please refer to the Bluezone Application Guidelines to determine how many units are recommended for your facility.

Do personnel have any interaction with the Bluezone air cleaning process?

No. All Bluezone cleaning occurs inside the reaction chamber.

Is Bluezone safe?

Yes. All Bluezone Products are UL certified for electrical safety and CARB certified for ozone emissions.

If a Bluezone failed, are there safety precautions built into the Bluezone?

Yes. The Model 450 has multiple safety switches to ensure a customer cannot view the UV light. The Model 2400 and the Model 300 both use a safety switch and sensors to detect if a unit fails.

How loud is Bluezone?

Model 2400 stand‐alone – 61 dB (expected to operate inside a walk‐in cooler)
Model 2400 with sound muffler – 54 dB
Model 450 stand‐alone with sound muffler – 57 dB
Model 450 ceiling mount – 55 dB

What is the MTBF of the fan?

Model 300 – 70,000 hours
Model 2400 – 70,000 hours
Model 450 – 60,000 hours

Can I turn my Bluezone off and on?

Bluezone recommends continuous air cleaning to keep contamination levels low whether it’s virus, mold, bacteria or ethylene. However, the unit can be controlled through a mechanical power switch or through the Middleby Powerhouse Dynamics Open Kitchen control system.

Can I reduce the fan speed of the Bluezone Model 450

Yes, there is a speed control on the front of the unit to allow the Bluezone Model 450 to operate at lower speed with resulting lower sound level. This setting may be appropriate in small rooms if the noise level becomes distracting.

Why isn’t my Bluezone turning on?

Confirm the power cord is plugged into both the Bluezone and a working outlet. Confirm the cover switch is engaged.

How much space does one Bluezone clean?

Model 300: 4,000 cubic feet
Model 2400: 15,000 cubic feet
Model 450: 9,000 cubic feet for restaurants seated <1 hour and 4,500 cubic feet for restaurant seating >1 hour.
For a complete sizing breakdown of the Model 450 see Recommended Bluezones for Restaurant Use.

How do I dispose of old Bluezone bulbs?

Bulb handling should be similar to that used for fluorescent or compact fluorescent bulbs. Bluezone Products, Inc. recommends that you take advantage of available local recycling options for CFLs. Lists of recycling facilities are available at:
Dispose of according to local, state or federal laws.

What Bluezone systems do you offer?

Viral Kill 450 In-Ceiling Mount System

Bluezone Viral Kill 450 In-Ceiling UV air purification system

The Bluezone Viral Kill 450 In-Ceiling Mount System is designed to fit in standard 2′ x 4′ ceiling tile systems and is practically invisible to the customer.

Viral Kill 450 Lectern System

Bluezone Viral Kill 450 Lectern UV air purification system

The Bluezone Viral Kill 450 Lectern system is perfect as a podium at the front of the class where teachers conduct lessons.

Viral Kill 450 48″ Credenza System

The Bluezone Viral Kill 48" Credenza hides the 450 UV air purifier in an attractive credenza

The Bluezone Viral Kill 450 48″ Credenza system is attractive and can double as a display table.

Viral Kill 450 48″ Credenza System

The Bluezone 68" Viral Kill 450 is hidden within this attractive credenza

The Bluezone Viral Kill 450 60” Credenza is attractive and can double as a display table.

Viral Kill 300 & 450 Unit

Bluezone Viral Kill 300 and 450 UV air purification units

Viral Kill 300 and 450 units can be placed on a shelf in large or small indoor spaces.

Bluezone units are now available for pre-order. They will go fast, so reserve your unit today.