There is a saying that all five senses are required to be able to taste something truly. For example, the sense of smell, or lack thereof, can impact the way food tastes. That is why it’s important to pay close attention to odor absorption. If steps are taken to prevent food from absorbing odors, the quality of the product is improved, fostering customer loyalty. So what’s needed to know about odor absorption, and how can it be prevented from impacting the quality of the food that’s served?

How Food Is Susceptible To Odor Absorption

When in an environment for a long time, it’s easy to become numb to the odors present. As a result, staff may not realize that odors can become trapped in the walls and flooring of the refrigeration units. And even though the smells aren’t detectable to people used to them, those odors transfer into the food stored inside. This is particularly true if they are strong aromatics. Containing these smells is imperative to preserve the taste of ingredients.

Some tips to prevent odor transfer:

  • Use storage containers to separate foods as a barrier to prevent the transfer of odors from foods.
  • Keep aromatics like onions, peppers, and herbs away from the rest of your food. 
  • Maintain a clean foodservice area. It also helps to rotate items like desserts, which absorb odors quickly. 

How To Eliminate Food Waste Before It Begins

Food that absorbs the odors of other ingredients generates food waste, a significant problem in the foodservice industry. The United States wastes 80 billion pounds of food every year, about 40 percent of the entire country’s food supply. 

Taking time to pinpoint ways to prevent food waste helps the environment and saves money. In addition to keeping food separated in containers, restaurants should be creative in using leftovers in dishes and utilize safe methods to preserve food to prevent items from entering the food danger zone. Taking a few small steps ends up becoming a big step to cutting overhead expenses and becoming a greener business. 

Easily Eliminate Odor Transfer In Your Walk-In

The Bluezone by Middleby UV food preservation system keeps commercial refrigeration systems free of contaminants that spoil ingredients. Bluezone eliminates 99.9 percent of ethylene gas, mold, and bacteria by drawing air into a self-contained unit and using ultraviolet-enhanced oxidation. Helping extend the shelf life of food and also destroying unpleasant odors. 

Developed for the U.S. Army to extend the life of food shipped to troops overseas, Bluezone is scientifically proven to extend the life of food by an average of seven to ten days. 

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