Keeping Schools Clean From Viruses

With their busy environments and mix of ages of those inside the buildings, schools can be dangerous breeding grounds for viruses, such as COVID-19. Daily activities, such as eating, talking, exercising, singing, or speaking can release virus-containing aerosols into the air. Finding affordable, safe, and logical solutions to this problem can seem daunting.  

State-of-the-art technology from the Bluezone UV-C air purification system along with preventative solutions is a simple way to help lower the risks of contracting viruses by decreasing viral loads and airborne aerosols.

Helping Prevent Viral Spread

By providing staff, children, and parents with specific healthy guidelines, everyone will be kept safer and can help prevent the spread of illness. As everyone knows, children get sick often, because of their developing immune systems. Students should be encouraged to stay home when they are sick or have a fever to help protect others.

Educating them about washing their hands properly, covering their mouth and noses when coughing and sneezing, and applying social distancing can go far to help quell the spread of illness within a school. Proper cleaning and disinfecting of busy areas by teachers and janitorial staff help prevent certain viruses from being spread as well.

How Can Schools Support Safe In-Person Learning?

Following the CDC preventative guidelines along with implementing Bluezone ultraviolet air cleaning technology can help mitigate the spread of airborne viruses. Even when it seems as if cases are dropping and guidelines continue to change.

Over the last couple of years, the CDC has tracked a steady pattern of Covid surges that are then followed by sharp declines.  As new variants continue to develop, schools need to be aware that dealing with coronavirus may be the new normal they have to deal with. Not having a plan in place puts everyone who enters the school’s buildings at risk.

Students are at an additional risk of not being able to keep up with their school work when they contract Covid. Contracting coronavirus can keep children out of school for many days. Studies show that students chronically absent from school, have trouble keeping up. A student who catches Covid twice in a school year has the possibility of missing over 10 days of classes and seriously impacting their educational development. With Bluezone units placed throughout the school, administrators can help students stay healthy and in class. 

How Can Bluezone Ceiling Mount Units Help Schools?

An essential and very effective method of meeting viral infections head-on comes with updating school ventilation systems. Helping prevent person-to-person viral transmission, there is no better way to demonstrate a commitment to protecting staff and children from becoming ill than with Bluezone technology.

By installing the whisper-quiet Bluezone® by Middleby Viral Kill Unit ceiling units,  germicidal ultraviolet-C light can kill airborne viruses and help prevent Covid outbreaks in schools.

Classified as a Class II medical device, this technology uses UVC ultraviolet light rays to eliminate 99.9995 percent of airborne viruses, including the cold, flu, and corona. Bluezone systems operate continuously to transfer air into a concealed chamber that is located above the ceiling and recirculates clean air back into a room.

There’s no need for expensive duct or electrical to be completed. The ceiling units install in drop ceilings and have an easy-to-access service cover.  With no need to change filters or empty containers, it’s a perfect solution for schools that might have limited maintenance teams. And with only a ceiling kit and the unit itself required for operation, installation is quick and easy.

Create a Bluezone in your space