Utilizes UV enhanced oxidation to clean the air

Eliminates 99.9% of mold and bacteria as well as ethylene gas in walk-in refrigerators to extend shelf life and reduce waste

Safe for personnel and produce

Eliminates Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are absorbed by nearby products, causing unpleasant transfers of flavor and odors

Treats up to 4,000 cubic feet of air per unit

Used for fresh preservation of fruits and vegetables by the U.S. Military and U.S. Navy

  1. Contaminated air inlet
  2. Mold, bacteria, ethylene gas, and VOCs are eliminated
  3. Clean air outlet

Easy to clean – no contaminated filters to replace

Bulb life up to 8,800 hours or one year of continuous operation

IoT compatible with OpenKitchen (ConnectWare required)

Display screen indicates status, including bulb operation and bulb life counter

One-year limited warranty

Easy to install – mounts to ceiling or wall or place on shelf


22¾” x 15” x 11”
58 cm x 38 cm x 30 cm
Input Voltage
120 or 240 VAC, 1-phase
Electrical Connection
Standard 120/240 VAC cord with plug
14 lb. / 6 kg.
1.5 amps (120VAC) / 0.8 amps (at 240VAC)
Mounting Options
Wall or ceiling mount or placed on shelf, rack, or cart
Treatment Volume
4,000 cu ft (113 cu m) per unit
Max 170 watts
Operating Environment
34°F - 104°F or 1°C - 40°C (up to 85% relative humidity)
Storage Environment
-40°F - 150°F / -20°C - 65°C (up to 85% relative humidity)