Bluezone by Middleby UV food preservation systems extend the shelf life of perishables.

Food waste is not only wasteful, it eats into profits. Whether you’re storing fresh fruits and vegetables in a walk-in or transporting them across the country in refrigerated transports, Bluezone’s food preservation technology can reduce mold and bacteria by 99.9 percent to keep fresh food fresh for longer periods of time.

How does UV light extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables?

Using a patented ultraviolet-enhanced oxidation technology, Bluezone by Middleby destroys chemical and biological impurities in the air rather than concentrating and capturing them with a particle filter or activated carbon.

Units work by removing ethylene gas, which is the top cause of produce decay. Ethylene frequently builds up inside refrigerated spaces where fruits and vegetables are stored, and eliminating it ultimately reduces food waste and saves money. This breakthrough approach to food preservation was specifically developed for the U.S. Army to extend the shelf life of fresh fruit and vegetables in shipping containers sent to troops overseas, and now it’s available for your commercial kitchen.

Microbial Measurements Before and After Bluezone Installation

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The Bluezone Solution Eliminates Ethylene and Odors

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The benefits of using Bluezone by Middleby UV food preservation systems?

Bluezone technology removes decay-producing microbial agents from the air without introducing any harmful chemicals or gases to the storage space or to the food supply.

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Reduce Food Waste

Studies show as much as 40 percent of our food supply is wasted. This is like throwing away two 20-dollar bills for every hundred in your wallet. With Bluezone by Middleby, the challenges becomes what to create from your ingredients, not how many of them you’re throwing away.

Learn how Bluezone by Middleby extended the shelf live of strawberries by 10 full days.

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UV lights inside of Bluezone unit

Low Maintenance

Staffing and labor are critical challenges in foodservice. The last thing an employee needs is another reason to burn out. With Bluezone by Middleby, burnout isn’t a problem. In fact, UV bulbs only need to be replaced once a year, and it’s a task that only takes 15 minutes.

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Destroys 99.9% of Bacteria, Mold, and Fungus

Middleby’s Bluezone UV food preservation system eliminated 99.9% of bacteria, mold, and fungus from a walk-in cooler, and we have the data to back it up. Check out the details on the impacts of our patented system by reading the latest Bluezone case study.

See the case study

How does Bluezone by Middleby work?

Bluezone draws air into a self-contained chamber where ultraviolet enhanced oxidation kills all contaminants. As the air is cleaned, ethylene is converted to water and carbon dioxide, and an oxidation process specifically targets the microbial and chemical contaminants that commonly impact refrigerated storage.

Bluezone Model 2400 UV Food Preservation Unit - How it works

Bluezone by Middleby works in a wide range of applications.

If fruits and vegetables are stored in a contained, refrigerated space, Bluezone by Middleby can be used to extend the shelf life of the produce stored there. Units can be used in a wide range of applications.

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Restaurants are can place Bluezone units in walk-ins and even reach-in refrigerated units

Hotels can use Bluezone by Middleby in walk-in configurations, no matter how large or small

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Hospitals and healthcare facilities can promote safety and reduce food waste

Schools and universities can use UV food preservation in commissaries or all across campus

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Offices and corporate dining can enhance food storage during the weekends and holidays

Cruise ships and marine operations can ensure fresher ingredients while at sea

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